Top Bajadera

Bajadera (white) dessert (with white or white-kiss hot chocolate)

  • 400 gr Grounded Lane biscuit
  • 10 portions of white or white-kiss hot chocolate (5*28 gr)
  • 0,6 liter milk (0,3+0,3)
  • 150 gr powdered sugar
  • 150 gr coco filing

Making: Downer dollop: 5 portions of hot chocolate + 400 gr grounded Lane biscuit  + 75 gr powdered sugar + little milk. Stir it, till it is enough thick. Upper dollop: 5portions of hot chocolate + 150gr coco filing + 75gr powdered sugar, stir it till it isn’t enough creamy. Flush it onto the downer dollop, form it, and put it into fridge.