Tiramisu cake

Big cake with 10 slices

  • 300 gr Grounded Lane biscuit (150+150)
  • 300 ml mascarpone (250+50)
  • 1 Coffee & Ginseng
  • 2 portion Black + Coffee hot chocolate (1,5+0,5)
  • 1,5 dl water
  • 20 pieces of whole Lane biscuit
  • 2 spoons powdered sugar   (1+1)
  • Fresh grounded coffee for decorating

Making: 10 pieces whole Lane biscuit should be soaked into Coffee & Ginseng. Place these biscuits onto a salver. This will be the bottom of the Tiramisu. The other biscuits should stay soaked in the coffee. Down dollop: 150gr grounded biscuit + 1,5 portion Black & Coffee hot chocolate + 1 spoon powdered sugar + Coffee & Ginseng, then stir it, till it isn’t thick enough. Fill the dollop into the cake shape. Put onto this the remaining biscuits. Fill this all with half portion hot chocolate (The cake have to grow cold before filling the hot chocolate). Upper dollop: 150gr grounded Lane biscuit + 250 ml mascarpone + 2 spoon powdered sugar. Stir it quickly, and fill quickly it into the cake-shape.   Fill the remaining (50 ml) mascarpone onto the all. Sprinkle the top of the cake with fresh grounded coffee. Put it into the fridge.

It may served with mascarpone or white hot chocolate.