Sales & Marketing



Development of marketing plan, determination, implementation and monitoring of sales and marketing strategy

    • Defining the concept of business.
    • Defining critical points when opening a Cool CoffeeBar.
    • Detting up the concept and the basic rules of conduct the local market in accordance with the approved plans and budgets Cool CoffeeBar – product positioning.
    • Determination of unique value / quality compared to the sales strategy, developing sales strategies and their implementers in line with current market trends.
    • Determining the uniqueness of service / supply Cool CoffeeBar on the basis of data obtained by reviewing a group of services and activities.
    • Determination of sales strategies based on research and market segmentation.
    • Submission of reports and ideal customer profile services Cool CoffeeBar a based on which will be created sales and advertising campaigns.
    • Developing, designing, creating text and its translation into English, print and deliver the address of the client all the subjects visual.
    • Designing, implementing and monitoring the campaign and create awareness of the existence of the product “COOL COFFEE BAR” in terms of the agreed time and approved by the client. The campaign would include print and broadcast media.
    • Designing, planning and implementation of project-Cool CoffeeBar opening ceremony and in accordance with the stated budget.
    • Strategic planning and long-term cooperation with the media and the legal and private entities creating the thus more efficient for-profit environment.
    • Developing, designing, translation into English and set up Web sites in accordance with the reputation and rank
    • Design, implementation and control promotions, packages, loyalty programs, etc…
    • Preparation of the book of graphic standards


Consider that a period of two years is needed to see real effects of the whole project, after the opening, and secure that the training process itself that must continue after the end of some period. Also, CCB need full support of the owner of the building and control of the lessor ideas for CCB.