CoolCoffeeBar goals



COOL COFFEE BAR wants to show good logistics of selling and good side of consuming the coffee, ice-cream, hot chocolate, etc. The name of this product should be famous in every part of the world.

Mission and purpose of work can be divided into primary and secondary part

Primary part of this product Cool CoffeeBar is to provide a high level of service to the visitors as well-conceived brand cafeteria with the high quality and take advantage of that coffee and ice-cream products with the highest margin, and catering.

Secondary part of Cool CoffeeBar is to having in front of you all the perpetrators of origin who are actively building the image top organized activities, interesting and original bid.

Cool CoffeeBar has a task that will be achieved with:

  • choosing the best machine for preparing Cool CoffeeBar’s
  • showing the best quality and service of Cool CoffeeBar to our guests
  • using good teams and
  • selling plans in every part of our food and drinks

The target guest segment is from 20 to 60 years, who did not tighten trends. In the first plan we want woman Friends image, because we want a lot of woman in our group. With this plan we are able to make a big group of people. We will give a lot of time to the guests who are known to be rich? (Or known) in World in this business, and for those we are sure of being good consumers. For these consumers we must give all ourselves. We must be sure that every contact with these consumers is professional. If we want a good business WE MUST GIVE EVERYTHING WHAT OUR CONSUMERS WANTS.


The guests who are returning should be the clientele with priority, and such guests must be on the rise with a special service and attention. With such guests we have to build confidence and meet their needs for long terms.

Logic of the concept is starting to adjust to an environment, where is one of the key factors in social and cultural life, through a single contact with the public. Customers must constantly be in line with their expectations and reputation that would be created. Drinks and food, and other services offered by Cool CoffeeBar must always be directed towards customers, of course, with special attention to the profitability and competitiveness.

Exactly tailored macro-and micro-sites where products serve … and price and quality! Cool CoffeeBar’s employee must be taken to its highest value, and that they are employed through a specially designed training programs and continuous improvement, the needs of each individual will be identified to each of us could be an opportunity for career development and personal growth. Cool CoffeeBar franchise and recipients have the key goal of increasing business profits and the return on equity in time.

The loyalty program with a series of benefits, priorities and special status to motivate visitors to come, to return, is a free advertisement to their friends, business partners and associates, which is the best way to create your brand, and the principles (brand contact) of the modern concepts of marketing.  Cool CoffeeBar will be positioned as a market leader in quality services, the quality of the offer, but the price policy will be formulated as VALUE FOR MONEY.