CoolCoffeeBar Concept



We ould like to show the logistics of successful wor with the help of CoolCoffeeBar while having fast and clean circumstances:

Developing manager: Sasa Misic

Why CoolCoffeeBar?

  • HIGH DEMAND:  It is well known that the interest towards coffee and ice cream is very high all around the world. The products of CoolCoffeeBar: coffee, ice cream, hot chocolate – available for diabetics and people on diets, perfect suplementer for a healthy life style – ginseng coffee, shake, sorbetto, desserts and cocktails.
  • ginseng
  • SERVICE: The goal is to have the most satisfactory costumer service with the lowest possible number of employees.(50-80 m2 and 3 employees)
  • CONTROL: Sale: self – service. Control of sale is very easy: an employee who has only one task and that is payments.
  • TEACHING OF EMPLOYEES: Every training os very simpla and cen be done repeatedly.We hire only those people woh have the knowledge and the spirit for the job. We want such a clean work enironment, where the eployees can do their best and are involved in the best possible hospitality. It is very important that the EMPLOYEES and the COSTUMERS have a NICE RELATIONSHIP. We wish to show our clients the concept and quality of products of CoolCoffeeBar in person, before they can open their own cafe. Ofcourse, we wish to help our clients in growth and popularization also.
  • STYLE,NAME:If wanted, the CoolCoffeeBar name can be changed. New products can be introduced and developed, so that the product range of CoolCoffeeBar widens.They can be named whatever you want it to be.
  • DEVICES: We can help you with the equipment, taking into consideration the quality/price ratio and the CCB expectations. Some machines can be bought from other companies, some have to be bought from us.
  • PROFIT: CoolCoffeeBar can make you profit depending on the plan made in advance with the following points:

1.Product supply price

2.Product sale price

3.Box price – in case you can insure a sertain amount of selling, o box packing is recommended (30 – 40 doses)


1.full set up in some cafes restaurants and hotels,a small self – service corner( not much space is needed)

3.advertisement inside,outside,on the streets, in shopping malls