CoolCoffeBar Concept



We would like to show you the logistics of perfect work with the help of CoolCoffeeBar while having quick and clean circumstances:

Developement manager:Sasa Misic


  1. HIGH INTEREST:It is well known, that there is a high interest towards coffee and ice cream around the world. Products of CoolCoffeeBar: coffee, soft ice cream, HOT CHOCOLATE – Available to everybody including diabetics and people on diets. It can be an unbelievebly great suplementer to a healthy life style. – ginseng coffee, shake, sorbetto, desserts and cocktails.

ginseng2.SERVICE: It is a goal to everybody to serve the sostumers in a most satisfactory way while having the lowest possible number of employees( surfice of 50-80 m2 and 3 employees)

3.CONTROL: Sales: self-service. Control of sale is very simple: an employee, who has only one task: payments.

4.TEACHING OF EMPLOYEES: All the trainings are very simple, they can be done repeatedly. Employ only those people, who have the knowledge and the spirit for the job. Our company wants such a perfectly clean work environment, where the employees can do their jobs most efficiently. It is very important that there is a good relationship between costumers and employees. We wish to show the concept and product quality of CoolCoffee bar personally, before our clients can open their own cafe. Ofcourse we wish also to help our clients in growth and popularity.

5.STYLE, COMPANY NAME: If needed, the CoolCoffeeBar name can be changed. New products can be introduced also, they can be given a name of choice, while the product range is widen.

6.EQUIPMENT: We can help you when it comes to the equipment, taking into consideration the CCB expectations and quality/price ratio. Some machines can be bought from other companies, others have to be taken from us.

7.PROFIT: CoolCoffeeBar can make profit by a plan made in advance, which depends on the following points:

  1. supply price of one product
  2. selling price of the product
  3. price of the box,if someone can insure a given amount of sale, it is advised to buy box packing(one box is 30-40 doses)

8.Investment  setup (and advertisement):

  1. full setup in few cafes
  2. in hotels, restaurants a small self – serving corner (not much sppace is needed)
  3. advertisement inside, outside, on the streets, in shopping malls
  4. posters in homes and offices