Logic: Cafe and the world facing a global image.

Working hours are 7:00 a.m. to 23:00, 6 days a week (if applicable micro quilted or on holidays when they can be corrected-time).

Caffe: with 20 or more (minimum standard) seats with comfortable sitting at the tables. At one end of the hall is a prominent bar with a superb selection of drinks, cocktails, smoothies, chocolate, ice cream (gelato + soft), coffee affogato various specialties and premium content.

SHOW BAR-laboratory: standard is mandatory in every new and modern concept in this kind of hospitality in the world. Client or guest sees the way in which products are prepared, packed, and served. Preparation of the bar is fast and visible for those who are nearby. At the bar there is a display with ready, perfectly products. The bar itself will be 10 high chairs. Other seats at the lower tables would provide sufficient capacity daily variations of the club.  Cool CoffeeBar will have a very specialized sale of all items GO TO (to go). Besides selling its own products there are glass cases at the local level would be branded and sold promotional items such as T-shirts, hats, bags, mobile phone cases, cases for glasses and so on.

These produces can be sold either as VIP gifts and to be superior craftsmanship. The hall will be in yet another display of products and promotions, it is possible to play back video clips that show interesting things all over the world with a wide range of consumption and production of drinks and food.

INTERIOR: visually represents a new trend in decorating modern, designed urban spaces that can be found in the capitals of the world, whether in the Far East, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai or New York, London, Paris, Milan , Barcelona furniture warm and comfortable atmosphere with a very clear distinctive imprint. When the domestic interior and the outside of top experts and recommend Dipl. Ing. Arch. painter Omer Berber’s space to recommend EHS Hotel Express Service Limited, Gass – G. Johan. This duo has been involved in setting up high around the creation of the catering world. Project the Cool CoffeeBar will be placed and will be implemented and attractive, as catering and financial. If the investor’s decision for its implementation of the project will have to respect the rules which will be defined by Brand-Book with the procedures you will get. The Cool CoffeeBar will be integrated into the environment, with its look and ambiance. It can fit into architecture and the existing style and set in contrast logic. So far, agreements have anticipated a few styles Cool CoffeeBar:-ultra-modern -style-conservative-classy-natural. Interior of this product is very nice, friendly; it can show the central event in the bar-machines and the central part of the preparation products.

In the central part there is a roasting machine for coffee or ice cream machine .Other machines are in the bar, so that manufacture can easily and logically be quickly seen. If the garden is a busy place and it is possible to organize and put sales, especially ice cream and summer drinks to an external booth! Cool CoffeeBar not too aggressively branded, perfectly decorated with an emphasis on products that is possible to eat-in coffee in -possible GO TO purchased in containers can be bought-in transport and bulk containers (boxes, kg.-package …)

Audio/Video: equipment of superior quality, intended mainly for quiet ambient music broadcasting. During the day, will be broadcast unobtrusive, light music, while in the evening can be allowed more dynamic rhythms.

Uniforms: must be clear and must be in style with the place where we sell our products. The part of the uniform will be a name tag, with the name of Bar, too. For bar waiters and bartenders apron will be required. This uniform must be made of the good quality.

In any Cool CoffeeBar most modern basic equipment (machines) will be installed, which do not have to be too expensive, but technologically perfect, working quickly and without losses and this is important to respect our partners achievements equipment manufacturers such as:

  • Innova machines for Ice cream
  • B&P machines for hot chocolate
  • SPM machines for ice drinks
  • TAEHWAN producer of coffee roasting machines

It is important that the quality of this Cool CoffeeBar equipment provide many years of work at no additional investment in equipment and very minimal maintenance and rational depreciation! The equipment will enable visitors of all Cool CoffeeBar, to the high degree of comfort and crew will enable the service that will offer visitors to perform well (fast) results in order to achieve the higher returns.