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The shake is being prepared with milk and ice. It is relevant to have to have a belnder that can blend ice. In this case use mnondosed packing. The quantitiy of ice determines the density. If you put more ice, it will be denser but you need to look out for not losing on the intensity of the taste. This is important because different ice machines make ice in different sizes.

At older types of Granita machines ( works till -2 C ) it is crucial that the shake reaches its fine texture and is puffed enough. It has to keep that level for a couple days. At newer types ( works till - 6 C ) this procedure is faster.

The ice chocolate is a product with fulfilling chocolate taste and is excellent for making deserts.

The ice hazelnut is the most loved on exhibitions and the ice espresso has a strong coffee flavor and ges puffed till a certain level, after that point , it won t get more blown.

The ice tiramisu is a product that can be made as a dessert and affogato. It is usable in the whole year, so the machines that wouldn t usually functionate at winter, now they can.


You need:

  • blender or turmixmachine (lower speed)
  • 25gr powder for ice chocolate 1dl for ice cappuccino 0.8dl milk (2.8%)
  • 4-5 icecubes - triturated ice is better (1dl)

IMPORTANT: First mix the powder and milk for 1 minute, after add the ice, and mix it at low speed (turmix), till it isn't enough "icy"!

Decorating: beautify the glass form inside with topping, then fill in the ice chocolate. Take a few coffee beans to the top of the Ice Cappuccino.

Transport package

  • 1 kilo packing
  • 25gr/portion sachet packing


  • Ice chocolate classic
  • Ice hazelnuts
  • ice cappuccino
  • ice cream coffee