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Premium hot chocolate

Premium hot chocolate, which is to be prepared with milk.

Preparation is very simple. Following are needed.

Preparing with milk:

In a dry pot pour 

1,2 dl cold milk

25g premium hot chocolate powder

Mix it with a spoon- homogenize and cook it with a steamer for cappucino, which from you removed the water. That means: cook it only with steam.

If you are cooking on a range on a range, cook on minimal heat and keep mixing it till the chocolate is dense. Don` t let it get burn (stick to the bottom of the top)

If you are preparing it in a hot chocolate machine ( Bras, GBG... ):

4 l cold milk 

1 kg premium hot chocolate powder

Previously mix it then pour it in the machine. Cook it on the temperature of 85-90 C more or less.

The hot chocolate is ready to be served when it gets the proper colour, texture and density (it musn`t be thin).


IMPORTANT: When you make the chocolate in anyway always wait till it boils. This means that it is enough thick!

Transport package

  • 1 kilo packing
  • sachet packing (25g for classic hot chocolate and 28g for all other flavours)


  • Hazelnuts hot chocolate
  • Orange hot chocolate
  • Cherry hot chocolate
  • Coconut hot chocolate
  • Banana hot chocolate
  • Melon hot chocolate
  • Amaretto hot chocolate
  • White hot chocolate
  • White kiss (white chocolate with roaster hazelnuts)
  • Cinnamon hot chocolate (NEW)
  • Gingerbread hot chocolate (NEW)