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Instant creme chocolate

Instant creme choco is a hot chocolate prepared in machines for instant products (BiePi, Bianci) and vending machines. The development of this chocolate lasted till we managed to make the best taste and maximal density,yet, so it could go through the pipe. We made this quality in cooperation with the chefs and managers of Ikea Hungary.

instant Creme Choco has an intensive chocolate flavour, a good texture and musn' t be thin.

Instant hot chocolate can be made on a cappucino steamer and a range.

Preparation with water:

In a dry pot pour 

1,2 dl cold water

25 g ICC powder

mix it with a spoon- homogenize and cook it with a steamer for cappucino, which from you removed the water. That means: cook it only with steam.

If you are cooking on a range, cook on minimal heat and keep mixing it till the chocolate is dense. Don' t let it burn t.

Preparation an an instant machine:

From a kg package pour the ICC powder in a tank for hot chocolate. Adjust parameters of the machine to use 25g powder and 1-1,2 dl water. Make sure that the machine is adjusted, that when the powder stops comming out the watercomes longer so it cleans out the pipes and prepares the machine for he next portion.

Transport package

  • 1 kilo packing
  • sachet packing


  • Instant cream choko (prepared with both milk and water)
  • Black (available with white or brown sugar)
  • Black + Coffee