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Dietetic & diabetic product

Dichoko is a hot  chocolate that can be used by diabetics and dietetics- sugar zero gluten free. The development of this chocolate lasted 3 years with the cooperation of our technologists and famous company `` Diabela `` which is specialized on production of ingredients ment to diabetics. We managed to avoid the usual chemical taste of sweets which is used by diabetics. The Dichoko follows the taste and quality of our premium hot chocolates.

When we managed to reduce the calorific value by  30 % compared to the premium classic hot chocolate. Dichoko now belongs to the category of products which we can offer to dietetics.

Dichoko has a unique chocolate flavour. The sweetener is Maltitol.

The preparing of Dichoko hot chocolate is almost the same as the premium hot chocolate, the only difference is int he ammount of milk ( 1 dl ).

Preparing with milk:

In a dry pot pour 

1dl cold milk 

25g Dichoko powder

mix it with a spoon- homogenize and cook it with steamer for cappucino, which from you removed the water.  That means: cook it only with steam.

If you are cooking on a range, cook on minimal heat and keep mixing it till the chocolate is dense.

Don` t let it get burn ( stick to the bottom of the pot)

 If you are preparing it in a hot chocolate machine ( Bras, GBG... ):

4l cold milk 

1kg Dichoko powder

Previously mix it then pour it int he machine. Cook it on the temperature of 85-90 C and when it get`s dense and gets a fine chocolate colour reduce it on 40 C more or less.

Dichoko is ready to be served when it gets the proper colour, texture and density (it musnt be thin).

Offer it as:

Hot chocolate ,hoto choco, sugar zero, gluten free

DiChoko, the first product with wich we want to conquer the market of dietetic and diabetic products.

It is hot chocolate in our Premium hot chocolate family.

Prepared with milk.

Portion: 25gr.

Transport package

  • 1 kilo packing
  • sachet packing


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