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CoolCoffee is coffee in beans in 9 qualities:

  • Trend: 70% robusta and 30% arabica
  • Esco bar: 45% robusta and 55% arabica
  • Premium: 20% robusta and 80% arabica
  • Single origin India 100 % arabica
  • Single origin Columbia 100 % arabica
  • Single origin Brazil 100 % arabica
  • Filter coffe: 100% robusta
  • Dark: traditional coffee 100% robusta
  • Frozen Coffe - soft ice

Such a popular product in offer on each and every corner of the earth and such an aggressive countenance of every roaster and producer of machines and equipment.

Can diferentiate the flavors which are offerd us by the marketing teams of the huge firms or you can recognize the quality of the smaller brands. Adjusting the grinder and finesse of the ginding every day, watching out for the quality of the water and keeping the coffee to have good cream, that the cream has the colour of nuts and thatb the cooking of coffee has an optimal timing.

CoolCoffeeBar Concept has a developed an idea how you can apply these rules at your place and serve out a friend or a stranger showing your knowledge of the culture of milions of users without words.

Our trick is: 

When you order coffee, the time since it was baked is maximum 2 weeks. The intensive taste and smell is relevant it is imoprtant that people recognize that.

You need:

-proffessional  coffee machine and grinder if you make coffee from coffee beans
-filter coffee machine if you make coffee from filter coffee
-soft ice cream machine if you make frozen coffee