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Coffee & Ginseng

Ginseng&coffee is a hot drink with a nice oriental smell. Ginseng is a root that has been used over 7000 years in central and eastern Asia because it affects well ont he concentration, adrenalin, your health and is knowen to be an aphrodisiac.

We added coffee powder milk and sugar to ginseng and got a product that can be made in hot water as in 4 in 1, we suggest you to  prepare it with a steamer or an instant machine because it is important to have a nice coloured big cream.

If you want a more intense milky flavour , it can be made with milk.

The development of this drink went down in cooperation with the owner of the caffe ‚‚ Chegevara‚‚ in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If you make it with an instant machine: From 800g package pour the ginseng &coffee powder in the tank. Adjust the parameters of the machine to  use 10-15g powder and 0,5-0,8 dl water. Make sure that the machine is adjusted, that when the powder stops comming out the water comes longer so it cleans out the pipes and prepares the machine for the nest proportion.

Preparation with water.

You need:

  • Instant machine or
  • Coffee machine's steamer pipe
  • 800g powder (80 portion)

Fill the powder and water into the instant machine tanks. Press the button, and the coffee is ready!

Making is very simple:

  • Coffee machine's steamer pipe
  • 10g powder
  • 0.4-0.8dl water (short - long version)

Transport package

  • 800 gr packing
  • 250 gr packing
  • 10gr/portion sachet packing