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Why sholud coctails be prepared only with ice, is there any coctail for the cold days ?

Bombardino is a hot coctail with alcohol, which you can mostly  find in ski centers. We made it as powder base. It should be prepared the same way as the Premium hot chocolate: with milk (2, 8 % fat) on a cappuccino steamer or with a milk foamer. You can also prepare it on a stove, heating it slowly till bit boils and gets thick. It has an eggnog flavor. You should prepare Bombardino first, pour it in a glass for a hot drink and then add 0,2 or 0,4dl of alcohol of choice: rum, amaretto, chocolate liquer, whiskey ...

Preparation with steamer:

25g of Bombardino powder 

1,2 dl of milk 

Boil it till it gets thick.

It can be prepared in a hot chocolate machine on 90 C, and when it gets thick, the temperature should be on 40-50 C, while the blades are spinning.

Preparation in a machine:

1kg of Bomabardino

4 l of milk 

It can be served with cream on top.