News // Topchoko
Date: 08.12.2013.

Oro cafe finally constructed a capsule that has instant hot chocolate inside and can be made in a capsule machine.This makes sence to develop on our ICC quality. With the Silver CoolCoffee quality coffee and the new product: hot creme chocolate capsules, we will try to make the "world of capsules" richer. Capsules have been more and more popular in the last few years.We'll see what future does it have with hot chocolate or maybe the Ginseng coffee.

Date: 07.12.2013.

Zila kávéház is a house of confectionery and their restaurant and their team is our support in schooling for the CoolCoffeeBar Concept. The silicon forms wich were planned by Zila László are more than good for making easyly and recognizable sweet or salty specialities.we are learning this knowledge wich has been perfected for 50 years in this tradicional Zila kitchen. Zila sells 80-120 cakes every day. Making cakes starts at 5h and it lasts untill 14 h every day.

Date: 07.12.2013.

The company „CAB” made a small machine that works on -9 to -11 C. It can make our Softly powder with plus 40% air and good taste. Blue Banana is a taste and color that provoked our appearance on the „CAB” stand on Host 2013 in Milan. The quality of the icecream in the „CAB” Soft Ice Cream small machine is similar to the icecream that professional machines make.

Date: 06.12.2013.

On the exibition of agriculture In budapest in Septembre 2013 Mcdonalds was promoting the new "green" Image.  Mézes kert-"Honey garden" is one of the starting products of the Mc's healthy program. The technology of making honey wich goes to Japan was in the center of attention.

Date: 05.12.2013.

Lucky Luka team and QuickChoko Ice lend team, on the top of Köki terminal Budapest-Hungary on 4th of December are opening a skating-rink. This is the third season in a row. CoolCoffeeBar next to the skating-rink with selling and promotion of all of our products. Everyday programs and animations will be followed by picking prices and consuming Hot chocolate, Bombardino, Quick Pancake...

If you bring your family, class or simply your friends, you'll get special benefits in skating and consuming our products.