News // Topchoko
Date: 23.09.2014.

We are preparing the promotion of CoolCoffee with some „single” coffees of 100% Arabica from several parts of the world.

Date: 05.09.2014.

TopMixTea is a leaf tea, with real fruit pieces and exciting flavor combinations in practical packing.


Date: 27.06.2014.
Freeze Mix Ice cream
Quick and easy finishing of soft ice cream serve...

Date: 25.04.2014.

The CoolCoffeeBar Corner is an attractive and easy to organize stand with different options,  and combination possibilities, from espresso coffee to deserts, which can be prepared in maximum 20 seconds time.

It was first promoted on the Belgrade Tourism Fair, with a dominant offer of coffees: Espresso EscoBar, Espresso Indian Arabica 100%, Espresso Columbian Arabica 100%, Affogato, Ice espresso…

Quick service, small place with a wide palette of products freshly prepared. And, of course, a professional barista, a smile and the consciousness of the highest gastronomy offer.

Date: 24.04.2014.

The slogan with which we promoted our concept, first on the Belgrade Fair, and later in Budapest on the KaveBar Bazar in Corinthia Hotel, then on the Sirha Budapest exhibition in the Syma Hall and finally on the Bagatech exhibition held in the Budapest Expo.

Our brands round out the complete CoolCoffeeBar offer, along with the quick and attractive service. This year the coffee dominated the offer.

The interest for the Indian 100% Arabica coffee was incredible.