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Date: 08.10.2017.

Széchenyi 2020 Support

Date: 24.05.2015.

The public which tasted three blends and three Mono Origin coffees has chosen the Coffee of the month for June. The winner was INDIA Mono Origin, which has been characterized as top quality, with finely balanced taste, mild acidity and rich aroma.

This act marked the inauguration of the first CoolCoffeeBar at Njegoseva 31a in Belgrade. All future guests will also be able to enjoy the wide range of coffees, along with the different specialties prepared on the base of coffee, ice cream, chocolate, shakes waffles etc. 

Date: 22.05.2015.

COOL COFFEE BAR is paying a lot of attention in choosing the candidates for getting the rights for its franchise. Also, it is of high importance for You to be sure the franchise system of work is the right choice of business for you. With that in mind, we are inviting you to fill out the questionnaire bellow

Date: 16.01.2015.

Again with you in Rimini

Date: 09.10.2014.

Coffee fest on 26-27 September 2014, in front of the „Usce” in Belgrade for the first time.