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Cool Coffee Bar Teaching

Each procedure is basically a modern approach to the client through a positive impression of companies with a strategic approach and modern management on the other. Lectures are prepared in the form of multimedia presentations (slides and educational films on the topic) enriched with practical examples from practice our experienced and professional trainers. Training is also preparing a "measure", which means that we will discuss together before training all critical points and needs and based on them to create practical training (tests, exercises in the form of problem solving and tasks given to the principle roles, different group games and the like).

Lectures that are prepared organized and implemented in the form of workshops, which implies a dynamic alternation of theory and practical training followed by group follows an exchange of views. Participants were all active participants during training, encouraged make their views and attitudes. Special attention is paid to the fact that the discussion is open and available to the students receive practical solutions to the challenges they face in the work.

The absolute priority is training with the subject of a proper approach and treatment of clients. Primary vocational training but in the second phase of training should continue to build on specific knowledge and a better organization, such as ''teaching skills'', "rational use of time'', ''talk keeping skills'' or ''negotiation skills", "stress and how to control it''. Vocational training is understood training of employees in all positions to perform work on -defined standards described in the operating manual work units. 

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