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Cool Coffee Bar Activities of the work

  1. Expert analysis of existing policies performance, procedures and standard work processes to improve and modernize  
  2. Expert assessment of the level of service catering facility in terms of customer experience
  3. Defining organizational chart defining
  4. Book of the rules in accordance with applicable labor law and labor relations
  5. Definition of general rules and operating procedures (modes of conduct, standards and refined, uniform, working conditions and facilities use for employees, internal communication procedures, etc.)
  6. Preparation of operational manuals individual work units, which comprise standards and operating procedures (steps of doing things), rules on occupational safety, hygiene and safety. Defining standards is carried out in accordance with the objectives, potential and rank-and CCB. Once created the operating manuals for written instruction to remain the basis of which is carried further vocational training, improvement and control work.
  7. Working place definition
  8. Defining job description
  9. Preparation of operational manuals for the implementation of vocational training aimed at training new employees in all positions for the job defined by standards organizations  
  10. Defining common standards for the desired profile of staff
  11. Recruitment & Selection
  12. Application of adopted standards profile of staff in the process of their selection, training, monitoring and evaluation work
  13. Creating forms for performance evaluation of
  14. Developing a business plan
  15. Defining pay scale
  16. Defining benefits plan for employees
  17. Defining motivational programs and activities for employees
  18. Definition of rewarding employees
  19. Defining critical points at the opening of a CCB

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